Wednesday July 06th 2011, 10:32 pm

So for about the last year I’ve lived here in my girlfriend’s flat (south of the river!) without the means to play records. Oh your god! Accordingly I haven’t moved any records in. This has seen a marked decline in my record buying (cos I can’t play them at home) and in my musical nourishment.

It’s time to address this.

I currently play stuff from iTunes through the TV via an Apple TV box. This is very unsatisfactory because A) I have to turn the TV on and fiddle with inputs, and B) We have somehow mislaid the Apple TV remote, which means if you want to listen to music you also have to watch the slideshow of my friends, as children, that I compiled for my 30th birthday some months ago. You can’t turn it off.

Anyways, I’m gonna bring my faithful old Technics amplifier round and plug that in. It can take a fancy digital input from the Apple TV so I won’t have to turn the TV on any more.

For the vinyl though I think I shall need a new turntable. I don’t want to split the twins up and bring one of them round here. I mean, what if I have a sudden urge to make a mixtape or juggle two copies of Kick in the Door? I have to have a LAB, if I didn’t have a LAB I would be like 80% water or something.
I’m no audiophile so I’m not looking to far up the ladder. I’ll probably get one of these round Project decks. I’ll pick up some new bookshelf speakers too (so as to keep downstairs neighbours sweet) and wire it all up so it’s all swell and simple and easy to use. Any other budget recommendations gratefully received.

Then I have to decide which records to bring round. I can’t decide if I should have a rotating selection of records here at first or whether I should move a whole genre in. I guess the most pressing thing is to transport my Jazz LPs over. They’re what I’ve bought most of in the last few years and they’re the ones least duplicated in my iTunes. Jazz and “weird”.

I should get this all kicked off over the next few weeks and then hopefully I’ll be blogging again here on 16 33 45 78.

Oh mother, I can’t wait to listen to some of this Righteous vinyl I bought in the last year:

Vinyl Get

Vinyl Get

I think I completed my early GSH originals just in time. Death drives prices up.

Vinyl Get

That Watts Prophets record is brilliant.

Vinyl Get

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I’d be curious as to what record player you wind up getting. The look of those that Project one is interesting–very minimal! Am going to be in the market for a player probably a couple months or so after I get back to London. It’ll be the first thing to check off my list of what I wish to acquire: a record player, a cat and a magazine subscription.

It will be the life of a true queen, indeed.

Comment by doreen 06.07.11 @ 11:30 pm

nice to have you back

Comment by microtomer 07.07.11 @ 11:39 am

Ambassador with zeez record selections you are really spooling ooze.

Comment by A to the L 09.07.11 @ 5:28 am

Project turntables are great performimg decks coming pre-fitted with a decent Ortofon cartridge.

Comment by Phil Glazzard 18.01.12 @ 4:35 pm

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